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Reasons Why You Should Work with us in Spain

First: You don’t need a distributor, companies like Bertus, online mailorders, Amazon, etc. will do this work for you. And also your own online store.

Loyal Readership: When people buy or subscribe to This Is Rock & This Is Metal, they have a long standing, loyal relationship. This devoted readership views your message with a more positive frame of mind. This also helps reinforce your message, especially through repetition.

The Direct Connection to Buyers. Our magazines reach where there are no physical record stores, or chains like Fnac, Media Markt or El Corte Inglés. More than 50% of This Is Rock and This Is Metal readers lives in cities with fewer than 50.000 people.

Advertising is targeted. We engage readers because we are part of their passion and lifestyle. Use our magazines to reach your target audience in a meaningful way.

Long Life: Our magazines are in the homes of readers, waiting rooms, magazine racks and with collectors… Readers pass on our magazines to their friends and family, which will increase exposure of your advert.

Advertising with us is relevant and welcomed. The ads are accepted as an essential part of the magazine. And ads keep working 24/7. Readers clip and save magazine ads for future reference. The proliferation of viruses and spam online makes many people wary of clicking on a banner ad, no matter how enticing it may sound. Our advertising is not the door for a virus or an intrusive pop-up or banner.

We are credible. We fight for quality content to be indispensable for our reader. We offer the best contents from classic rock, hard rock, heavy metal, prog rock, blues rock… And the unique 100% Metal magazine in Spanish.

Advertising with us enhances ROI (Return on Investment): The average reader is a 42 years-old-male with a partner, has a college degree and enjoys an annual income of 30,000 euros. (Data collected thanks to the 1500 This Is ROCK subscribers). 70% of This Is Metal readers are from 25 to 54 years old.

We drive web searches and visits: We are leading influencers, driving readers to advertiser websites and to start a search.

With This Is Rock and This Is Metal you can create the desired impact. People who are engaged are more likely to remember an eye-catching message. Magazine ads have the second highest receptivity of any media.

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