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A magazine and a way to experience the rock that matters to you every month. Energetic jolt of electrifying hard rock and old school heavy metal, a passion for progressive sounds, and a devotion to blues, country…

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The Benefits of a Magazine Advertising

Despite the growing belief that amateur digital magazines and social networks are a must, print specialized magazines are a very attractive option for advertisers looking to promote their products to an engaged target market. Among readers and consumers, advertising remains the most trusted, most remembered and most acted upon form of marketing.

Marketing campaigns are most effective when print ads are combined with digital. Companies that adopt a combined approach are the most likely to reap the greatest benefits.

Precise targeting: Here, there is no algorithm showing your ads to an audience that will never be your customer. Advertising in magazines like This Is Rock or This Is Metal is targeted to a specific audience.

Credibility: As a specialized media, focused on a specific niche, we are more credible and reliable than other communication systems. Our readers come every month demanding a credible source of information and entertainment, which, in turn, makes them more receptive to the advertisements contained in them. They buy our magazines, they don’t pay with an anonymous like or an emoticon. This is real economics not fiction.

Tactile engagement: For many of us, there is nothing like the sensation of flipping through a paper magazine, reading a book, pressing a vinyl or pressing play on a CD, and enjoying its booklet. This tangible quality makes the experience of reading a magazine more attractive and enjoyable than a webzine or social networks.

Long life: Compared to other forms of marketing, magazines have a long shelf life, which means that your ad will be seen by potential customers over and over again. Magazine ads such as This Is Rock or This Is Metal are the ideal choice for companies looking for media that will target an audience for long periods of time.


The unique magazine in Spain with an international quality, concept and soul, we are not the “typical low cost spanish” music magazine. We deliver an overdose of best journalism and iconic photography to a reader extremely passionate who demand the best reading experience.

Our magazines reach where there are no physical record stores, or chains like Fnac, Media Markt or El Corte Inglés. More than 50% of This Is Rock and This Is Metal readers lives in cities with fewer than 50.000 people.

The average reader is a 45 years-old-male with a partner, has a college degree and enjoys an annual income of 30,000 euros. (Data collected thanks to the This Is ROCK subscribers).

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We do not deliver any digital files, only those who advertise receive a printed copy. The rest can register on our digital platform If a label don’t have 25 euros, maybe it’s because he’s not really interested in what our magazines publishes.


Circulation This Is Rock: Newsstands: 15.000 ejemplares

D2C 1.500/2.000 ejemplares venta directa mensual

Individual subscribers: 2.800

Business/Library Subscribers785

Digital Subscribers: 1500

140.000 unique visitors on, 65,000 unique visitors on Direct newsletters to: 20,300 people.

Our reader is a music consumer from vinyl to digital and a heavy gig goer. But the most important, our reader is part of us, we are a family who believe on our alternative way of life.

Reader Profile Updated 2024
18-34: 21,8% | 35-44: 20,3% | 45-54: 34,4% | 55-64: 23,5%
Men: 83 % | Women: 17 %

This Is Metal

The 100% metal magazine, without fillers or concessions, pure diet for headbangers and metalheads. Thrash, death, power, black, doom, prog… Decibel madness!

The only 100% Metal magazine in Spanish, which delivers in each issue a selection of in-depth interviews, reports and exclusive essays seriously well written for an adult reader. Our target audience is not a teenager.

Now with a digital version for the whole Spanish-speaking world at Remember that Spanish is the second native language in the world. Where you can enjoy a sample issue.

Independent 100% Metal Magazine for the Adult Reader: Newsstands: 8.000 copies, Direct Sales on 750-1.000, Digital subscribers: 275 on first 2 moths without promotion.

Digital Subscribers: 350